We made block reservations at Hearton Hotel ( 10 single and 20 7 double rooms) and Mitsui Garden Hotel (only Japanese web page is available) (50 14 single rooms) between May 15 (arrival) and May 21 (departure). These hotels are located in downtown Kyoto. The nearest subway station from the Hearton Hotel is the Karasuma-Oike station and Shijo-Karasuma station, respectively. Check this PDF file for their locations: No. 28 is the Hearton hotel and No. 45 is the Mitsui Garden Hotel on this map.

The following rates do NOT include Breakfast, service charges and taxes. Those who want to stay in these hotels should make their reservations by April 15, 2005, though the registration form. The local organizing committee will allocate these hotels to participants on a first-come-first-served basis. Participants wishing to extend their reservations or to stay in other hotels are required to contact to each hotel by yourselves. Because May is the peak season for tourists in Kyoto, it is strongly recommended to contact the hotel(s) as early as possible.

Special Meeting Rate (Service charges, Taxes, and Breakfast are NOT included.)

Hotel Room charge (per night per room)
Single (JPY) Double (JPY)
Hearton Hotel 7,800 (10 rooms) 10,000 (20 7 rooms)
Mitsui Garden Hotel 9,300 (50 14 rooms) ------------

Cancellation Charge

Cancellation of hotel accommodation should be sent directly to the hotel after April 15. Cancellation charges vary as follows.

Prior to the date of arrival Cancellation charge rate
Hearton Hotel Mitsui Gerden Hotel
9 days -- 2 days 10 % N.A.
One day before arrival 20 % 20 %
The day of arrival 80 % 80 %
No-show 100 % 100 %

Hotel address, zip code, phone & fax number
Hearton Hotel Higashi-no-Toin-dori, Oike-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, 604-0836
TEL: +81-75-222-1300
FAX: +81-75-222-1313

Mitsui Garden Hotel 707-1, Myodenji-cho, Nishi-no-Toin-dori, Shijo-sagaru, Shomogyo-ku,
Kyoto-city, 600-8472

(note: please describe that this inquery is for Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto reserved by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.)

The cancellation charges are based on that of the first day of your arrival.

Other inexpensive Hotels

Hotel address, zip code, phone & fax number
Toyoko Inn Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma 28, Naginataboko-cho, Shijokarasuma-dori, Higashi-hairu, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city 600-8008
Toyoko Inn Kyoto Gojo-Karasuma 393, Gojo-Karasumasho Karasumadori-Matsubarakudaru Simogyo-ku Kyoto-city 600-8418
APA Hotel Kyoto-Ekimae 806, Minami Fudodocho, Shiokoji-sagaru, Nishinotoin dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 600-8234