First Announcement

The Spring 2005 IVOA Interoperability Workshop will be held in Kyoto, Japan, hosted by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan / JVO. We expect to have work sessions for all IVOA Working Groups, plus for two new Interest Groups.

Working Groups: VOTable, UCDs, Registry, Data Models, Data Access Layer, VO Query Language, Grid and Web Services, and VOEvent

Interest Groups: Applications, Theory

The chairs of the Working Groups and Interest Groups are requested to prepare summary reports for the opening plenary session that describe progress to date and plans for the Interop meeting.

The meetings will be held on the Kyoto International Conference Hall where the XXIIIrd IAU General Assembly was held in 1997. Accommodations will be available at two hotels in the center of downtown Kyoto, which are about 15 minutes by subway from the meeting location. Sessions will begin on Monday morning at 10:00 am, with coffee and registration available starting at 9:00 am. We will plan to finish by Friday at 3:00 pm to allow participants to connect with evening return flights. Additional information on logistical matters will be distributed shortly.

We will be working further with the Working Group and Interest Group chairs to develop a detailed agenda for the workshop, though to first order you can expect it to be similar to the May 2004 workshop in Cambridge, USA, with both plenary and up to three parallel sessions. Additional information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.

We look forward to your participation ? it is the contributions from all IVOA projects and personnel that make the VO development stimulating and successful!