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If you retrieved the data with JVO portal and think it helpful for your research work, the following acknowledgment would be appreciated:

"[Part of] the data are retrieved from the JVO portal (http://jvo.nao.ac.jp/portal) operated by ADC/NAOJ."

VO Search details image Summary
JVO portal VO search page version 2. Older version of JVO portal (version 1) is linked from here.
Subaru Reduced Data Archive JVO Subaru Archive Summary
Download the reduced Subaru data. Suprime-Cam, MOIRCS, HDS.
ALMA FITS Archive JVO ALMA Archive Summary
Search, View, and Download the ALMA data cube in FITS format. SV data, Archive, WebQL demo.
Gaia Catalog Gaia Catalog Summary
Gaia related source catalogs. Gaia source catalog, TGAS source catalog,
  • -JVO portal v2 (trial version) updated
  • -JVO portal v2 (trial version) is open to the public